What do we offer?

We provide advisory and consulting services to companies of all sizes; from idea-stage companies to corporate houses to listed companies. 


The services we provide can encompass multiple domains including strategy, accounting, finances, marketing, operations, human resources, technology, data and more. 


Some of the specific services that we provide include: fundraising, including both sell-side and buy-side, advisory, business valuation, pitch documentation, mergers and acquisition, due-diligence analysis, accounts advisory, and internal audit. Besides these, we also provide customized advisory and consulting services as required by our clients.

Why do we offer?

The story of our advisory and consulting services is closely linked with the story of our investments. 


We faced a dearth of investment-ready early to growth stage companies when we started with the intention of investing back in 2014. That led us to start Enterprise Nepal Business Accelerator Program to help such companies streamline their approach to doing business. 


Many companies that completed the program have structured themselves better and are taking strides in the market. However, we still see room for improvement in all companies including large ones. We provide our services for that reason.

Beyond Clients!

Our relationship with our advisory and consulting clients goes beyond a client-vendor relationship. 

Two of our current investments started out as advisory and consulting clients and some of the clients have also turned out as co-investment partners. As such, advisory and consulting contracts also help us identify and orient promising companies and get to know the entrepreneurs/management behind business. 

Our approach to advisory and consulting, therefore, is not strictly for revenues. They often have overarching possibilities of, and present avenues for, broader and deeper partnerships.

Our Clients

Butcher Boys

CTL Pharmaceuticals

Focusone Payment Solutions


Healthy Smiles

Hotel Barahi Sedi

Kamlesh Traders


Kazi Studios

Magnific Fans by ABBA Traders

Naman Care Home

Nepal E-Biz Management

Nimbus Holdings

Shikhar Insurance

Vianet Communications